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Jul 262012

I’m told that in European culture, it’s common practice for the bride and groom to get re-dressed up (yep, the bride has her make-up re-done, and her hair re-done) on another day after the wedding to do their official bride and groom portraits. We didn’t have time on Raquel and Eugenio’s really busy wedding day so, they got dressed up again, and we went out 3 weeks later (had to squeeze them into my busy schedule – wedding season is in full swing right now!) and did their wedding portraits this past Sunday out in Hamilton!

We lucked into a GREAT day!…. until our luck ran out and a thunderstorm was upon us. Just pouring rain! So we did what any rational human beings would do… we continued the photoshoot at a nearby waterfall. 😉 And I’m so glad we did because the images are so beautiful!!

I had a great afternoon with you guys (and your ADORABLE son, of course!!), so so SO much fun!! Definitely a day that you’ll remember I think 😉

Bride and groom kissing on a path Baby boy smiling close-up Wedding couple kissing in front of waterfall Wedding couple on a bridge in front of waterfall

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