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Sep 082011

This past Monday, I volunteered at Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, at an annual event they were having. It was a fun event for the kids with lots of crafts and activities. But there was also a special visitor! Elmo came to visit, and the kids (and even some adults) got to have their photo taken with Elmo! We printed the pictures out right there and the kids got to take their picture with them.

There was one little girl who was really shy with Elmo, but when she was handed her picture, her face lit up and she was all smiles… my heart just melted when I saw that!

Because of consent reasons, I can’t post any pictures of Elmo with any of the kids – but here’s one of Elmo waving to some kids who were eager to meet him! (We had a white backdrop setup.)

Elmo waving

Apr 182011

Well, I have joined another wonderful organization called Helping Hearts. Helping Hearts is an organization providing free photography sessions for families with children who are suffering a life-altering illness or disability. They are similar to The Tiny Light Foundation, another great organization that I’m a part of.

Helping Hearts

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