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Jun 182015
Atscott Preschool Future Scholars Graduate by @filemanger

My kids went to Atscott Preschool, so I speak from experience when I say that Alifia and Mafalda are AMAZING, and they really provide a fantastic foundation for kids before they go to junior kindergarten! (And of course, I’m not biased at all 😉 )

I have been doing the Atscott Preschool grad photos every spring since 2012 – and I am absolutely convinced that the CUTEST kids go to this school!!! (Again, not biased at all. haha). This year, I asked parents if I could feature some of their children on my blog, and I got a great response!

The Baby Genius program is for kids aged 22 months to 2.5 years. They sing, they play, they learn, and they have fun!
Atscott Preschool Baby Genius Graduate by @filemanger

The Future Scholars program is for kids aged 2.5 – 3.5. They learn letters, shapes, colours, and of course also sing and play and have a great time! It was in this class where my son learned to write his own name!
Atscott Preschool Future Scholars Graduate by @filemanger

This little guy below, was so funny! He posed like that in the first photo for a good 20 seconds. He definitely looks like a scholar or future speaker!
Atscott Preschool Future Scholars Graduate by @filemanger

Atscott Preschool Future Scholars Graduate by @filemanger

Look at this sweet little guy!

And finally, the JK Prep program prepares kids for entering kindergarten.
Atscott Preschool JK Prep Graduate by @filemanger

Congratulations to all the graduates! Between my kids, they attended all of these classes, and I highly recommend Atscott Preschool!

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May 102013

This past Monday & Tuesday I did school photos for Atscott Preschool Academy, where my son matriculates. Their proofs came in today, and they are packaged and ready to give to the parents on Monday!

The kids were all amazing at getting their photos done, I’m really happy with all of them! Oddly enough, there were a couple kids who were afraid of getting their photos taken. They were crying at first, but we got them laughing within only a few minutes. Some of my favourite photos were of those adorable little kids who didn’t want their photos taken in the first place! Funny how that happens!

I don’t want to ruin any surprises for the parents by posting sneak peeks here, so instead you’ll get to see my adorable boy – graduating preschool this year and heading off to kindergarten next year! *sigh*

We did two poses for the older two classes (one was with a book, like in the school’s logo), and one pose for the baby class. Of course MY child alternated between being camera-shy, and being a ham. Silly guy!

Preschool Grad Photo by @filemanager

Preschool Grad Photo by @filemanager

My son has been going to Atscott Preschool for two years now, and we are really happy with the school!! It is a bright, fun, clean, safe environment, and the staff are *incredible*. I’m so happy that Alifia got to be Gregory’s very first teacher. I think Gregory is really well prepared for kindergarten next year, which makes me feel a lot less anxious about September coming up so quickly! (This paragraph was not sponsored by Atscott or anything, just my honest opinion as a parent!) If anyone is looking for a fantastic preschool in the Newmarket area, look no further than Atscott Preschool Academy!

Aug 252011

If you look around and see children weeping in the streets, then you know it’s almost “Back to School” time!

When I think of “back to school” I think of the annual school pictures (maybe that’s just me… is not everyone obsessed with pictures like I am? I can’t imagine). What I don’t like, is how every kid’s school picture looks exactly the same! Sure maybe they switch up the backgrounds now and then, but you still have every kid just putting on a fake smile for the camera, slightly turned to the side with their head tilted just so.

Everyone is different and unique! Shouldn’t every child have a different and unique “school” portrait?


Of course they should! Which brings me to… *drum roll*

The JNP “Back to School” Promo!

These 20 minute sessions can take place anywhere, but I would recommend we do them at your child’s school.

Some details:

  • One child per session. Multiple sessions can be booked back-to-back for siblings, and in these situations we can do photos of the siblings together.
  • Promotion will be on for sessions between September 4th to September 25th
  • Optional: Name and school year can be added to images at no charge.

You can choose from the following packages:

Print Package – $150 ($186 value!)

  • 20 minute session at a location of your choice (travel fee applies outside the Newmarket/Aurora area)
  • Editing of all your images
  • One 8×10 print
  • Two 5×7 print
  • Four 4×6 prints
  • 8 wallets (2×3 size)
  • Online gallery to make your selections
  • Prints can be picked up, or mailed to you for a $5 fee.

Digital Package – $400 ($475 value!)

  • 20 minute session at a location of your choice (travel fee applies outside the Newmarket/Aurora area)
  • Editing of all your images
  • High-Resolution CD of all your images, and Print Release.
  • CD can be picked up or mailed to you.
A La Carte Prints – $50 session fee
  • 20 minute session at a location of your choice (travel fee applies outside the Newmarket/Aurora area)
  • Editing of all your images
  • Online gallery to make your selections
  • A La Carte print choices (simplified price list can be viewed here)
  • Prints can be picked up, or mailed to you for a $5 fee.

… or any combination of the above!

Get a portrait of your child that you’re PROUD to hang on your walls and send to your family and friends!


And maybe get some that show off your child’s personality a bit too 😉

Contact me today to book your session!

Dec 202010

A couple months ago, I ran a School Picture Event, for parents to get some “non-traditional” pictures of their kids that had personality, rather than some boring background and a cheesy fake smile.

Kenadee was one of the kids who participated in the event. She is in SK this year, and this is her “school picture”!


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