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Aug 062012

Lisa and Rodney got married this past Saturday in Toronto! The day went absolutely perfectly, and I can honestly say it might be the only wedding I have ever photographed where we had EXTRA time! Even with eight bridesmaids and seven groomsmen, everyone cooperated for all the shots, they were where they were supposed to be, and they were *gasp* on time! Even the weather cooperated for us!

Lisa just looked like an absolute princess in her wedding gown – there is just no other way I can describe her! See the photos below and I’m sure you’ll agree!

Lisa & Rodney, you two are so perfect for each other and I’m so happy I was able to be a part of your special day!! Congrats again!!

Running wedding party bouquet bride and groom background Bride and groom Bride and groom sun flare

Oct 072011

I thought I would share what I’ve been working on today!

Lately, I have been doing a lot of commercial work. One of the people I’ve been working with is Vicky from Lil Chelsea Bun Hair Accessories. LCB sells not only totally adorable hair accessories, but also fun dress-up clothes such as tutus, rompers, pettiskirts, legwarmers, etc.

Anyway! My lovely daughter, Savannah, has been modelling a lot of these products for me. This morning she was modelling a tutu dress, and the way she was running around and giggling reminded me of a little princess in a big poofy dress, running around and having fun in a castle courtyard of somekind.

I used to do a lot of photo-manipulations before I had children (you know, back when I had time to myself. haha). I even won a few contests! I thought I would take the the afternoon and have a little fun with it. So, I let my creativity flow, and here’s what I came up with!

I’m sure the “girl running towards the castle” (or away from the castle) concept has been done a hundred times before, but here’s my take on it, starring my daughter 🙂

I would love for you to comment and let me know what you think!

Toddler princess going to castle

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