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Dec 062017

Newmarket Family Photographer | Christmas Photos

Olive is My New BFF!

As most photographers know, kids the age of 2 are the hardest to photograph. Toddlers, for some reason incomprehensible to me, think that playing or having a snack or running away is much more fun then having their photo taken. I know, it’s crazy talk, because I’m SUPER fun!

Well, as it turns out, Olive, who is my newest 2-year-old BFF, was INCREDIBLE during our photo session! She posed! She smiled! She looked at the camera! She… wait for it…. posed AND smiled AND looked at the camera, all at the same time!! It was pure magic. MAGIC I tell you!

Now, I can’t take credit for the setup. I merely suggested that we do Louise & Jeff‘s family Christmas photos wearing their pajamas (Louise had bought them all matching PJs already), while sitting on their bed. All comfy-cozy, right? Well, Louise did an amazing job finding a Christmassy blanket to put on the bed, she had cookies and milk ready for props (and bribery, which we didn’t even need!), she put lights up on the wall with some big bows and a star… that was all Louise! I must say she did an amazing job!

We started the photos off with just Olive, because she was very excited and ready to have her photo taken!
Newmarket Christmas Family photos by Newmarket family photographer @filemanager

Newmarket Christmas Family photos by Newmarket family photographer @filemanager

We then added Olive’s new baby brother River (only 2 months old!). Olive is such an adorable big sister, she kept her arm around him to make sure he didn’t fall, she kissed him, she hugged him, she pretended to read him a story for me, she did it all!

Newmarket Christmas Family photos by Newmarket family photographer @filemanager

At this point, River got a little bit fussy, so Louise went to take care of him and I did some photos of Olive with her dad, Jeff. I’ll be honest, when I saw the photos of Olive and Jeff, I thought to myself “Oh my, these are adorable. Uh oh, how can I get pictures as cute as this with Louise and Olive?! Every mom should have cute photos with her kids!!”

Newmarket Christmas Family photos by Newmarket family photographer @filemanager

As I said earlier – MAGIC!! I WISH I had photos as adorable as these with my kids when they were 2!!

Newmarket Christmas Family photos by Newmarket family photographer @filemanager

Last but not least, their lovely family photo. River wasn’t really sure what was going on, but he was looking at the camera and not screaming so I call it a win. Besides, Olive was SO amazing I couldn’t get over it!
Newmarket Christmas Family photos by Newmarket family photographer @filemanager

Louise and Jeff, it was SO awesome photographing your beautiful family again! Until next time! 🙂

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Newmarket Family Christmas Photography by Newmarket Family Photographer, Jennifer Newberry

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Oct 022011

The last time I saw these three kids was last October. Little Brooklin was only about 6 months old and just barely sitting up on her own.

Yesterday I met up with them again for another fun-filled session! Kelden’s hair is much longer than last year, Hayley has THE most adorable haircut now (shorter than it used to be), and Brooklin was WALKING. It’s crazy how fast kids grow up! It’s one of the many reasons I like photography so much – it’s like having the power to freeze time, just for a moment. *sigh*

Anyway, back on topic! There is one thing about these kids that hasn’t changed – their energy level! They have SO much energy!! It must be contagious too, because after the session I was so pumped, I ended up running around the backyard playing in the leaves with my kids until it was dark out.

I love photographing this family though, they are just SO much fun!


Kelden, Hayley and Brooklin ALL have such beautiful eyes!

Blue eyes

And as a side note, Hayley, the sweet little girl she is, picked these lovely flowers for me. I told her I would take them home and put them in a vase with water.


Thanks Hayley! 🙂

Mar 152011

My Spring/Easter Mini Sessions are happening for two days only! Limited spaces are available, so book soon!

Session Details:
*Cost: $50
*April 2nd & 3rd (Rain dates: April 9th & 10th)
*Fairy Lake, Newmarket (off of Water St.)
*30 minutes
*Up to 3 children per session
*10%-off prints!

Dec 242010

A lot of people took advantage of my Seasonal Christmas Special this year! It was really hard to pick just a handful of shots to post, but here are some highlights!

Scott and Sandra
Kenadee Melanie
Olivia and Samantha
Olivia Samantha
Nicholas & Gabriella
Christopher Ryan

And of course, my own beautiful babies…
Savannah and Gregory

Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 202010

A couple months ago, I ran a School Picture Event, for parents to get some “non-traditional” pictures of their kids that had personality, rather than some boring background and a cheesy fake smile.

Kenadee was one of the kids who participated in the event. She is in SK this year, and this is her “school picture”!


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