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Sep 182012

This announcement is a little bit overdue, but I won Best Photographer in Toronto & the GTA in the Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards!


Originally I won Best Photographer in Toronto, and then after voting closed they separated out Toronto and the GTA (areas surrounding Toronto), and they put me in the GTA category (since I’m based in Newmarket). A bit sketchy really, but technically that means I won Toronto AND the GTA. Boo-yah!

I also placed as a finalist in the “Top 10 Best Photographers” not only in Ontario, but also in Canada, and I ranked in the Top 100 Best Photographers Worldwide!


So this is all very exciting, and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everyone who voted for me!! 😀

Mar 142011

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing Quinn and Claire. Quinn (almost 4 years old) was way too cute for her own good, and was a total superstar, we got a ton of great shots of her! Poor little Claire (almost 1 year old) wasn’t feeling well at all, but was a good sport anyway.

I did some shots of the girls together, then some individual shots. Since Claire is turning 1 in less than two weeks we did a cake smash also! Claire did a small amount of cake smashing (which was fantastic considering she wasn’t feeling well!), and Quinn was MORE than happy to finish off the cake for us! I will say though, that only a 4-year-old will stomp on a cake, and then proceed to lick the cake off her own foot 😉

Feb 222011

I bet a lot of people wonder: Why are wedding photographers so pricey?

Well, this article sums it up pretty accurately!

And just because I like to include at least one picture with all my blog posts…

I like “attitude” shots when I shoot weddings… and Karen totally rocked it!!

Feb 112011

Poor Ryan… this afternoon was her cake smash session, and she wanted no part of it! This usually sweet, adorable girl just wasn’t feeling well, and making a big delicious mess was the last thing on her mind! We did get some nice shots anyway though – and her cake was so pretty! 🙂

Feel better soon Ryan, and have a fabulous time at your birthday party this weekend!

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