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Feb 222011

I bet a lot of people wonder: Why are wedding photographers so pricey?

Well, this article sums it up pretty accurately!

And just because I like to include at least one picture with all my blog posts…

I like “attitude” shots when I shoot weddings… and Karen totally rocked it!!

Oct 042010

I like to include little extras with my sessions.

For Liz & Tom’s special day, I made a photo slideshow.

It was a small backyard wedding, but it was fun and I met some great people!

I think the slideshow really captures the feel of the whole event 🙂

Apr 242010

I’ve been doing a few baptism sessions lately – meaning taking photos of the baby in her baptismal gown. The actual baptisms haven’t happened yet… but anyway, here’s a picture from the session yesterday with little baby Melanie. Isn’t she adorable?

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