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Dec 232011

Another “Fun Friday!” post!

Christmas is only a couple days away (today is Christmas Eve Eve!), so I thought I would post some tips on getting some great photos of Christmas morning. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas, but for those of you who do, hopefully these tips help you out a bit!

  • Get as much light in the room as you can! Turn up the ambient lighting and open all the shades. You want to be able to use natural light as much as possible, so try to keep your flash OFF!
  • Look at the scene. Are there windows behind your tree? If you shoot towards the windows your pictures will come out dark. Move to the side, look for a better spot, find a good angle, etc.
  • Be ready to push the shutter at a moments notice – you want to capture natural expressions on your childrens faces!
  • Get down on the ground with them while they are opening presents. Try to get to their level.
  • Shoot quickly and shoot often! You don’t want to miss anything! It’s better to have too many pictures than not enough!
  • Don’t forget the detail shots! A beautiful ornament, a bow on a present…. the details can help tell a beautiful story.
  • Document the day. I always start the night before. Take pictures of Santa’s cookies, the tree before the kids wake up, your children sleeping, stockings hanging on the mantle, etc.
  • If your pictures are too blurry, then turn on the flash (only as a last resort!)

I hope these tips help you to get some fabulous images on Christmas morning! If you get shot you’re particularly proud of, upload it somewhere (facebook, photobucket, flickr, twitter, etc.) comment below with the link so I can see it!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas lights

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