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Sep 272011

Aliesha had four, yes FOUR birthday parties for her first birthday! This past Saturday (Aliesha’s third party, to be exact), I attended and we did a cake smash! I loovveee cake smash sessions, they are always fun and always different! No two cake smashes are ever the same!

Here’s what Aliesha’s dad had to say when he saw the cake smash storyboard below:

I absolutely love the pictures, the combination and layout as well as the colour choices. As far as I’m concerned, it is beyond perfect. I love it! I really love the other photo as well from the other email that shows off her blue eyes. Thanks so much for everything! 🙂

Take care,

Cake smash

Baby walking in cake Baby portrait

As a side note, check out Aliesha’s cake (both the cakes were made by Cake Therapy) – isn’t it amazing?!

Winnie the Pooh cake

Feb 112011

Poor Ryan… this afternoon was her cake smash session, and she wanted no part of it! This usually sweet, adorable girl just wasn’t feeling well, and making a big delicious mess was the last thing on her mind! We did get some nice shots anyway though – and her cake was so pretty! 🙂

Feel better soon Ryan, and have a fabulous time at your birthday party this weekend!

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