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May 312016
Newmarket cake smash storyboard. Photos by @filemanager

Newmarket Cake Smash Photographer | Olive

Louise and Jeff‘s sweet baby girl sure has grown up since I last photographed her at 2 months old! Though I feel like I’ve watched her grow up since then, since I do some photo editing for Louise, and also from Facebook of course.

Before the actual cake smash, I always like to start off with some portraits. I love the purple and teal colour scheme, accented with peacock feathers, that Louise chose!
Newmarket 1st birthday photos by Newmarket cake smash photographer @filemanager

And, of course, some family photos as well!
Newmarket family storyboard. Photos by Newmarket cake smash photographer @filemanager

I lovelovelove cake smash sessions, because each one is different and you never know how the baby will react, but it’s ALWAYS adorable! This was especially true in Olive’s case. She went through a rollercoaster of emotions in a short period of time. First she was sad, because she didn’t want to sit near the cake (made by Dessert by Design), then she realized it was CAKE, and she was happy! I’m guessing she got nervous by having me and both her parents stare at her while she ate cake, so she got angry. But then – CAKE! Happy again! And that’s about how it went the whole time. Sad/Curious/Happy/Angry/Curious/Sad/Happy – it was hilarious (and adorable) to watch!

In any case, we got some great photos and of course great memories as well!

Newmarket cake smash storyboard. Photos by Newmarket cake smash photographer @filemanager

I just love this photos. hehe!!
Newmarket baby girl cake smash photo by Newmarket cake smash photographer @filemanager

Happy Birthday Olive!!

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Newmarket Cake Smash Photography by Newmarket Cake Smash Photographer, Jennifer Newberry

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Sep 282015

Newmarket Cake Smash Photographer | Jonathan

I don’t do a lot of personal posts on here, but my third baby just celebrated his first birthday, so of course we had to do a cake smash!

Jonathan’s Newmarket cake smash went pretty much as I expected it would – Jonathan was weary at first, and didn’t want to touch the cake. After a little while he touched the cake a bit. My husband put a chunk of cake and icing in Jonathan’s mouth, and he was a bit shocked the the sudden sugar rush I think! He actually quite enjoyed the banana cake without any icing the most!

Newmarket cake smash by @filemanager

The adorable turtle smash cake was made by Krystle over at Dessert by Design.

My first son’s cake smash was done before I started blogging, but my daughter’s cake smash can be seen here. I have both my older kids’ cake smashes on 20″x20″ canvases up on my kitchen wall – they love seeing photos of themselves up on the walls! I can’t wait to add this one to my “cake smash wall” as well! Maybe I’ll post a photo of all 3 canvases once the third one comes in!

Happy 1st Birthday Little Guy!

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