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Jun 122013

MOOSE! Run Wedding Party, Runnnnnnnnnn!

So, everyone has seen the photo circulating the internet of the T-Rex chasing the wedding party. And of course everyone is now doing “their version” of it. WELL, I hopped right on that bandwagon too! haha.

Kate’s family is extremely outdoorsy and rustic, and very into hunting. SO, instead of a dinosaur, Kate thought it would be great if there was a giant moose chasing them. Kate’s brother actually shot a HUGE moose with a bow and arrow, and the GIGANTIC moose head is hanging in their parents’ living room…. along with a deer. ANYWAY. As I like to customize my photos to the likes and style of my clients, I said “No problem, let’s do it!”

The wedding party did an awesome job at being terrified and running (you guys are awesome!), and here is the final result. I couldn’t find any moose photos where the moose was angry and running towards the camera (who would have thought that would be so hard to find!? I mean, really.), but this one does the job pretty well I think!

I actually did some research on a few different kinds of moose, and most of them seem to be able to rest their mouths on top of a human’s head – so this moose is probably a bit bigger than an actual moose would be, but I think it adds authenticity to the terror value of the wedding party’s expressions.

Anyway enough of my chattering away, here’s the photo you opened up this blog post to see!

Moose chasing wedding party @filemanager

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