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Nov 242013

You already know: your cake will disappear in less than an hour, your flowers will wilt before the ceremony ends, and that uncomfortable tux will go back to the rental place in the morning. But those photos… they’re gonna be there forever.

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If you get any of those Wedding Planning books, there’s usually a list in there for your photographer. “Must-Have Photos for your Wedding Day!” and the like. I’ve seen these lists. These lists never have any of the most important wedding photos that you would REALLY want though!

… your parents, who will hold hands and cry on the first row of the chapel. To photograph your sister dancing with that boy she will marry in three years. To photograph those kids who will grow up so, so quickly. To photograph your grandfather, who will pass away next spring. To photograph your first kiss as a married couple, your best friend busting out her signature dance moves, the flower girl asleep under a table, and maybe even your ex looking pretty wistful as he hugs you a little too long in the receiving line.

50 years from now the photos you will treasure the most won’t be of a photo to remind you what colour your napkins were that day, they will be of the emotions that were going on around you, and you didn’t even REALIZE it because you were, you know, getting married ‘n stuff 😉

I came across this article today, and it rang so true with me, that I had to share it! (You may have already seen this article, as I posted it on my Facebook page earlier.)

Click here and go check out Anne Almasy’s blog post. It’s so, so true – and probably one of the best wedding photography articles I’ve read in a long time, if not, ever.

If you’re planning your wedding right now, please just close the magazine. Log out of Pinterest. And look at the person you want to grow old with. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this. And really CELEBRATE when that day comes. Don’t stress about your shoes or your cake or your flowers. Don’t stress about anything. When it’s all over, you will be married, and surrounded by the people who know you and love you most in the whole wide world.

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