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Sep 282015

Newmarket Cake Smash Photographer | Jonathan

I don’t do a lot of personal posts on here, but my third baby just celebrated his first birthday, so of course we had to do a cake smash!

Jonathan’s Newmarket cake smash went pretty much as I expected it would – Jonathan was weary at first, and didn’t want to touch the cake. After a little while he touched the cake a bit. My husband put a chunk of cake and icing in Jonathan’s mouth, and he was a bit shocked the the sudden sugar rush I think! He actually quite enjoyed the banana cake without any icing the most!

Newmarket cake smash by @filemanager

The adorable turtle smash cake was made by Krystle over at Dessert by Design.

My first son’s cake smash was done before I started blogging, but my daughter’s cake smash can be seen here. I have both my older kids’ cake smashes on 20″x20″ canvases up on my kitchen wall – they love seeing photos of themselves up on the walls! I can’t wait to add this one to my “cake smash wall” as well! Maybe I’ll post a photo of all 3 canvases once the third one comes in!

Happy 1st Birthday Little Guy!

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