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Aug 122012

Holly and Mike were married on Saturday at King’s Riding Golf Club in Aurora (which by the way, is a GREAT venue!)

A couple days before the wedding I saw this weather forecast…

Thunderstorm weather forecast

…and I IMMEDIATELY launched into my anti-rain dance ritual (which was repeated the morning of the wedding, obviously). Sadly no amount of chanting, dancing or waving my anti-rain ribbons around could bring a full day of sunny skies for Holly and Mike, BUT, it DID lessen the rain to only about 10-15mm, and we had bright sunny skies after the ceremony!

Congrats Holly and Mike!

Close-up bride with bouquet Groom Bride and groom

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  1. These are simply beautiful! Some of your best work Jen. What a gorgeous stunning couple!

  2. Gorgeous Jen 🙂 The bride looks stunning!

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