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Dec 282011

Contact me now and book your spot for Dog Day 2012 this January 28th. Come out and support the Ontario SPCA!

DOG DAY is Saturday JANUARY 28th, 2012 (by appointment)

This day is dedicated to all our furry dog friends. Even though I do not currently have a dog (I’ve had a couple in the past), I sure do love ’em! Just as I love my cats, I know you LOVE your dogs. So, “Dog Day” was created. Not only am I doing this for you, but I am also doing this for the SPCA. I’ve recently done a bit of work with them, and after meeting the wonderful people there, and the precious animals they have saved, I’ve decided that I want to help as many of those animals as I can. Sooooo, rather than my usual session fee, for these special “Dog Day” sessions, a $30 donation to the SPCA will be required AND, you have to bring a bag of dry dog food, which I will take to the SPCA afterwards.

German Shepherd

FIVE reasons why you should come on our to JNP’s Dog Day!

  1. You will get a beautiful updated portrait of your dog(s).
  2. Because you love your dog!
  3. Your dog wants to help the SPCA
  4. You’ll get the best pricing of the year!
  5. I know your dog wants to participate, because your dog has already emailed me telling me so.

Don’t disappoint your dog. He/She would be so sad to miss out 🙁

I will be doing these sessions in 30-minute time slots, which means I will have 15 sessions available for this one-day event. (Remember, you need to book your appointment ahead of time!) The actual time spent photographing will be about 20 minutes. Sometimes I can get those perfect shots in the first 5 minutes, but sometimes it might take a little bit longer, but 20 minutes should be more than enough time!

Ontario SPCA

Now, I know what you’re thinking. $30 and a bag of dog food will get me a session, but then what about after that? What about the photo packages?!

WELL! Fear not, I have put together 3 fantastic photo packages for you (and your dog) to choose from! The packages are named after large, medium and small dogs (because I’m super creative like that). Click here to see the packages!

3-Image Wall Panel

Here are a few things you should know about the Dog Day photos

  • Images will be of the dog (or dogs) alone. This is Dog Day, not Dog & Owner Day 😉
  • A bag of dog food and a $30 donation to the SPCA is required at the beginning of your session.
  • Please bring any chew toys, squeaky toys, or any other toys or treats to bribe your dog(s) to smile and pose nicely.
  • Want to dress up your dog? Go for it.
  • Sessions will be held at the Aurora Off-Leash Dog Park, located on Industrial Parkway North, just south of St. John’s Sideroad. The dog park is across the street from the Aurora Montessori School (330 Industrial Parkway North)
  • If you need to cancel your session, please let me know as soon as possible so I can rebook your spot.
  • All donations will go to the Newmarket branch of the SPCA.

Should you be feeling generous, $30 is the *minimum* donation required. Also, the SPCA is always in need of leashes, collars, cat litter, Kong toys for dogs, cat food (especially wet cat food), and dog harnesses.

There are only 15 openings available, so you need to call me at 416-569-0779 or email me and book your spot!

Come out and support the SPCA!

PS. Check out to see the story about a very special dog.
PPS. Don’t forget to share this post on facebook, twitter, etc, and email it to your dog-loving friends and family!

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  1. Awesome photos, Jennifer. It would be great if you got in touch with local independent rescue groups to help them with events and adoption photos as those volunteers do amazing work with the donations they receive. Thank you.

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