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May 082018

Dog Day for Dexter!

Dexter is one year old, and was adopted from a rescue organization by Alexis & Todd. After having him for only 6 days, they discovered that Dexter had a Femoral Head Fracture (a broken growth plate) and requires surgery to either place a pin connecting the femur to the hip, or remove the femoral head altogether (they chose the latter for better long-term results). Due to several circumstances, Dexter’s injury went unnoticed by the rescue organization.

As a family, Alexis and Todd were aware of the risks of adoption, but of course no one is prepared to have to be faced with such a huge financial undertaking only one week in! They immediately fell in love with Dexter, and “returning” him was never an option. They immediately started thinking of ways of how they could raise money for his expensive surgery, as Dexter deserves to live a pain-free and active life!

I decided to help Alexis and Todd raise money for Dexter by creating “Dog Day for Dexter”, where people could bring their dogs out to have some photos done in exchange for a donation to Dexter’s surgery.

Ad above, featuring Dexter, created by Alexis

Here are a few of the wonderful pups who came out to support Dexter!

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