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Feb 212019

This page was last updated: April 30, 2019

They’re here! Announcing…

Every year I take photos of my daughter in her various dance costumes. (I’ve also occasionally done dance photos for other people as well.) The thing is though, I have always done these photos in a studio-style setting. You know, indoors with the white or gray backdrop. Boring! This year I’ve decided to take her photos outdoors, and I thought I would extend this service to others as well!

Why Are Dance Mini Sessions Awesome?

  1. You get all the digital files! No more being forced to buy prints, only to have them scanned & copied later. (Yeahhh that’s right. Photographers know that you do it! ha.)
  2. TIME and individualized attention! “Picture Day” at any dance studio requires a LOT of dancers to be photographed on the same day, similar to “picture day” at school. It is normally a very rushed, and chaotic day! Rather than spending 30-60 seconds with each dancer, get your dancer the time and attention that their photos deserve!
  3. See what’s going on! You as the parent, get to watch the action! Not just dance studios, but MOST activities that kids do (hockey, karate, gymnastics, etc), when they have a “photo day”, the kids are whisked away into another room, and you have no idea what’s going on. You wonder if they’re smiling “properly”, if they’re being posed nicely or awkwardly, or what if their hair is sticking out weird! You just see the end result. At these photos sessions you can be right there beside me, seeing how things unfold!
  4. Detailed editing! Photographers who have to process mass amounts of photos (dance photos, school photos, etc.), they don’t have the time to go through each one and edit it properly. The photos just come “as is”. My photos are individually (yes, one-by-one) edited! Is there a weird rock on the ground? Edited out. Flyaway hair? Fixed. Blemish? Gone! Picture-perfect dance photos!

Newmarket Irish dance photo by Toronto Irish dance photographer @filemanager

What are the details?

Let’s go through all the information that you’ll need about these special Dance Mini sessions, that are only being offered in June this year! PLEASE read through everything before sending me questions! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • When will these sessions be?
    I have blocked off 2 dates in my calendar specifically for Dance Mini Sessions. However, if neither of the dates work for you, we may be able to find an alternate weekday evening that might work better with your schedule! The Dance Mini Session dates are:
    • Sunday, June 2nd, 2019
    • Sunday, June 23, 2019
  • Where will these sessions take place?
    The sessions will take place either at a private estate in Aurora (long driveway, fields, forest, a large pond, walking trail through a forest), or somewhere in the Newmarket area. I’m taking my daughter out to a few locations to see what works the best, and if the timing works, people can choose what location they would prefer. I’m also considering doing a date in Barrie, if there’s enough interest!
  • How much will these sessions cost, and what will it include?
    These sessions will be $295 (after taxes!), and they will include all the digital files (well, the digital files that I deem as being “good” ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).
  • How will I get the digital files?
    The digital files will be uploaded to a private online gallery, and from that gallery you can download all the files directly to your computer or mobile device. You can also share the gallery with your family and friends! (If you do that, they also will be able to download your files.) The gallery will be active for 10 years!
  • How many images will I get?
    Every session is different, but likely you would be getting somewhere around 10 fully edited photos, give or take.
  • Can I order professional prints through you?
    Of course, if you’d like! You have full printing rights with the digital files – that means you can print them at whatever lab you like. However if you’d like really high-quality professional prints, I can have that done as well. My print pricing can be found on my website here.
  • What if it rains, or the weather is bad? If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we can either reschedule to another date, or move the photo session indoors for the more well-known “studio style” photos, done with a neutral coloured backdrop.
  • My daughter dances a lot – she has 4 costumes! Can I get pictures done of her in all her costumes?
    In a 20-minute session, time will be tight! I recommend only one costume, but if you’d like photos in multiple costumes we CAN squeeze in 2 costumes tops into the 20 minutes! I am offering the option of booking back-to-back sessions for anyone who needs more time.
  • I have multiple children who dance. Can I get photos of each of them, as well as together, in one session?
    Yes! We can use the 20 minutes however you like. In cases of siblings, I can do a few photos of each child by themselves, and then wrap-up with some photos of them together. We can also book back-to-back sessions if you’d like a full mini session for each child.
  • I only want one or two shots of my child. Can I split a session with a friend, where we each get 10 minutes?
    Sure, as long as you both attend the same session timeslot.
  • My daughter doesn’t dance, but she does do gymnastics. Can she participate?
    Yes! Acro is a popular style of dance, and it’s very closely related to gymnastics. Therefore, gymnasts are welcome to attend as well! (Please note that there will not be any mats or cushioned surfaces!)

How do I register?

Similar to my wedding booking process, I need 2 things to register! Information, and a deposit.

Here are the 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form below for EACH DANCER you would like to register! (If you have two dancers, please fill out this form twice!) If you are having any technical difficulties, or you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, please email the information to directly.
  2. Wait for my email! I will email you with the availability on the date(s) you’ve selected. Once we have agreed on a date and time for your session…
  3. Pay the deposit. I do require a $45 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot! E-transfer is the preferred method of payment, but if you would prefer to pay another way, we can arrange it.

And that’s it, you’re in! The remainder balance of $250 is due the day of your session (preferably also via e-transfer.).

The registration form below will be updated occasionally as time slots fill up – book early to ensure the date and time you would prefer!

–The Event is Over–

May 082018

Dog Day for Dexter!

Dexter is one year old, and was adopted from a rescue organization by Alexis & Todd. After having him for only 6 days, they discovered that Dexter had a Femoral Head Fracture (a broken growth plate) and requires surgery to either place a pin connecting the femur to the hip, or remove the femoral head altogether (they chose the latter for better long-term results). Due to several circumstances, Dexter’s injury went unnoticed by the rescue organization.

As a family, Alexis and Todd were aware of the risks of adoption, but of course no one is prepared to have to be faced with such a huge financial undertaking only one week in! They immediately fell in love with Dexter, and “returning” him was never an option. They immediately started thinking of ways of how they could raise money for his expensive surgery, as Dexter deserves to live a pain-free and active life!

I decided to help Alexis and Todd raise money for Dexter by creating “Dog Day for Dexter”, where people could bring their dogs out to have some photos done in exchange for a donation to Dexter’s surgery.

Ad above, featuring Dexter, created by Alexis

Here are a few of the wonderful pups who came out to support Dexter!

Sep 022015

Halloween Photos Benefitting the Newmarket Food Pantry!

As my Facebook fans have already seen, I am going to be part of a great event benefitting the Newmarket Food Pantry!


Bring a donation for the Newmarket Food Pantry, and get your child(ren) and/or furbabies photographed in their Halloween costume, for free! The digital files will be emailed to you a week or two after the event. (Make sure to check your junk folder!)

Email with the number of kids/pets to reserve your photo time slot! Walk-ins are welcome, but reserved photo times will be taken first!

Here are some ideas for things the food pantry needs the most! Also consider holiday friendly items, such as stove top stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc.

  • juice boxes
  • peanut butter
  • canned stew or chili
  • canned mushroom soup
  • nutritious lunch snacks
  • toiletry items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper)
  • baby formula
  • junior size baby food (fruit)

This should be a great event, and a great reason to get some free photos of your kids/pets looking extra adorable in their Halloween costumes!

As I type this, about 50% of the time slots are already booked up, so make sure you reserve your FREE spot to avoid any wait times!

Feb 142015
heart shadow by @filemanager @filemanager

For those of you who have “liked” my Facebook page and watch it intently for updates (and if you don’t, I am shocked, and you should go there now and “like” my page!), this is what you have been waiting for!

I thought Valentine’s Day would be a great time to do a big sale – my biggest sale EVER! – for a few reasons:

  1. I am primarily an event photographer, and I specialize in weddings. Weddings happen because of LOVE!
  2. I look into the smiling faces of kids every day, and they just fill me with love and happiness, and it just makes me feel like spreading that joy to everyone! (It’s cheesy, but it’s true! Look at that little face!)Baby tax deduction by @filemanager
  3. My favourite number is 28, and February (usually) has 28 days. If that’s not a reason, then I just don’t know what is.

So you’re probably wondering what this big deal actually is, and how much money you can save. WELL.

As seen on my session pricelist here, the cost of all the full-resolution digital files from a photo session with me is $900. During this sale, that price will drop to $525!

All the Digital Files from the Session
$900 $525

Here are the terms, and how you can get this deal!

  1. All taxes are included.
  2. This deal cannot be combined with any other discounts or any event packages.
  3. The $150 session fee must be paid at the time of booking. This fee is non-refundable. Preferred method of payment is an email money transfer, however I also accept credit cards.
  4. The discounted price on the digital files is only valid for sessions booked and pre-paid between February 14th, and February 28th, 2015.
  5. The actual photo session must be completed before April 30th, 2015.
  6. If you choose to purchase the digital files at the discounted price (which isn’t mandatory – it’s not mandatory to purchase anything after the session), the $525 is then due within 1 week after the session.

So, you guys have until the end of this month to pre-book a session, and you will qualify for the discounted digital file price! Email me at to get started!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

heart shadow by @filemanager
Fun fact: The photo above I shot during my very early days with photography, back in 2007. It’s my husband’s wedding ring on my favourite book (at the time), The Princess Bride.

Are you getting married? Looking for a Newmarket wedding photographer? Get in touch to have me, Jennifer Newberry Photography, capture your wedding, whether itโ€™s in Newmarket, Toronto, Barrie, Waterloo, Hamilton, London, Muskoka, or beyond! Iโ€™d love to chat about your wedding plans!

Newmarket Wedding Photography by Newmarket Wedding Photographer, Jennifer Newberry

Jennifer Newberry Photography is anything but your average Newmarket wedding photographer. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity not found with other Newmarket wedding photography studios. Your wedding day is carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the Newmarket, York Region and Toronto areas.

This is Newmarket wedding photography at its best. Jennifer Newberry Photography is an award winning photographer based in the Newmarket area. Offering wedding coverage in Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Toronto and all of Southern Ontario, this wedding photography studio is one of the top studios in the area and is located right here in Newmarket.

Creative. Stylish. Award-winning. These are the words typically used to describe this Newmarket wedding photographer. With clients based all over the world, Newmarket is home to this Newmarket wedding photographer.

I take pride in offering our clients the type of Newmarket wedding photography they are looking for. It’s one thing to take pictures, it’s another to create art for my clients.

Our Newmarket clients are typically looking for artwork for their home vs. snapshots, and that is what draws them into our Newmarket wedding photography studio.
Serving Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Toronto and Beyond

Jennifer Newberry Photography offers Newmarket wedding photography coverage in the GTA, including but not limited to, Newmarket ON, Toronto ON, Barrie ON, Waterloo ON, London ON, Hamilton ON, Muskoka ON, and the surrounding areas.

Jan 282013


Well, it’s a new year but 2012 was AMAZING! I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with so many incredible people!

If you walk into any type of store (since Boxing Day.. Superstore?!)… you will see Valentine’s Day paraphernalia everywhere which will tell you that Valentine’s Day is coming up! So, I thought since I am primarily a wedding photographer, I would show my 2012 clients some love with a fabulous giveaway!

There is only one prize, and it’s a 16×20″ GALLERY-WRAPPED CANVAS!!!! (That’s a $300 value!)

Here’s how it works!

  1. I am going to pick one of my favourite images from every session from 2012! (I say “one of” because in most cases it’s impossible to pick just ONE favourite!) I am going to post these photos in an album on the JNP Facebook page. This is the image that will be on the winner’s canvas – if you would like to swap out your image let me know BEFORE February 1st! Once voting has begun, images CANNOT be changed!
  2. If you had more than one session with me (for example, an engagement session, then your wedding), then you get 2 photos entered in the contest – one from each session!
  3. You share your picture and tell family, friends, your hairdresser, and even strangers to go “Like” your photo! HERE’S THE CATCH! In order for their votes to count, they MUST also “Like” my page! ONLY voters which like my page will be counted!
  4. Voting ends at 8PM EST on February 8th, 2013! I will then validate all the votes, and announce the winner! The winner will be contacted by email.

Here are the answers to a few more questions you’re probably thinking!

How can I enter this fantastic giveaway?
If you had a photo session, or I photographed your wedding, you are automatically entered! (If you would prefer not to participate, just send me a quick email and I will take your photo down.)

How long will this giveaway go on for?
One week, starting February 1st, 2013!

A message to the future winner! The image that wins the most votes in the contest is the image that will be on your 16×20″ canvas. Once your canvas comes in, I will email you, and you can either pick it up (in Newmarket), or pay the shipping costs to have the canvas shipped to your home.

Mandatory Disclaimer: This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. I am not collecting the personal information of any of the voters.

Good luck to all the participants! ๐Ÿ™‚

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