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Jun 082012

Photobombs amuse me. Some are funnier than others, but still. I thought it would be fun to do a “Photobomb Friday”, where every Friday I would post a funny “photobombed” picture I’ve found online. These photos were NOT taken by me, they’re purely for the amusement purposes of my readers 🙂

For those of you who don’t know what a “photobomb” is, basically it’s when someone jumps into a photo at the last minute.

If you would like to submit a photobomb for next week, please comment below with the link, or email it to me!

Here is this week’s photobomb!


Dec 092011

This post is only mildly photography-related, but it’s Friday (and my birthday! Woooooooooooo!), so I thought I’d post something fun! Maybe it will be a weekly thing. Fun Fridays? Funny Fridays? I’m not sure yet. Moving on…

Photo bombing is defined on Urban Dictionary as: The fine art of ruining other people’s photos. Usually by running in the background or making a silly face in the background.

In my line of work, yes I’ve seen a fair amount of it. But I wanted to share with you my top two favourite photo-bombs! I did not photograph either of these photos, by the way.

The first photo bomb is from my friend Jeanette (yep, she’s the one in the back), and I think it was from a wedding she attended. Hilarious, and… pretty typical of Jeanette! hahaha

violin photo-bomb

The serious expression on the violinist’s face really just makes the picture THAT much better.

My second one I saw when I was reading one of the funniest blogs I follow:

Wolf Photo bomb

And yes, that is a white wolf pelt. This picture makes me happy every time I see it. haha.

Now, a request! Comment below and link me to YOUR favourite photo bombs! They can be of you, or of your friends, or just random ones you’ve found on the internet. (Please keep them G rated though.) Anddddd… GO!

Nov 272011

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Nov 092011

Every once in awhile, I do a little personal photography project. Yesterday, I decided to try some high-speed photography involving water splashes, AND my 2-year-old was MORE than happy to help provide the splashes for me! He had so much fun he played for 5 hours straight – yes FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT throwing random objects (toys, rubber ducks, balls, various fruit, etc.) in the water.

This is the very first image Gregory and I did (Gregory’s first “throw”)! I think it’s pretty good for my first try! (I have manyyyyy more, of course, but this one is my favourite I think.)

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