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Sep 272015

Bradford Wedding Photographer | Kailyn & Rob’s Sneak Peeks

I was so excited for Kailyn and Rob‘s wedding, because I knew it would be unique and different from most weddings. I knew this because Kailyn and Rob themselves are so much fun. They’re laid back, relaxed, funny, and they share a mutual love of Tim Hortons.

After Kailyn got herself ready, she played a few levels of Mario with her 7-year-old son Lucas.

Bradford bride plays Mario before her wedding with her son. @filemanager

Not the new Mario either – the old-school vintage, original Super Mario!

Here’s Rob, a most-handsome groom, just before the intimate Bradford wedding ceremony, performed by Pamela Covert-Slater in her beautiful garden at her home.

Bradford groom by

After the ceremony, we did family photos at the ceremony site, then we went to a location that Kailyn always loved as a child – a small park in Bradford with a lovely gazebo, and some gardens.

Bradford bride and groom and son by @filemanager

Bradford wedding couple by

Some portraits of the lovely bride, who claims she can’t smile, pose, or walk for cameras. I beg to differ! 😉

Bradford bride by @filemanager

And of course, same as their engagement session, we re-created a few shots from the movie Superstar (starring Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell).

Bradford wedding couple performs scene from Superstar movie. @filemanager

After the photos were done, it began to rain just a little bit, so we went back to Kailyn and Rob’s house and they played some basketball with Lucas (another thing I’ve never witnessed on a wedding day! It was awesome!), then they continued on to their reception. More details on that to follow in the full blog post!

Congrats Kailyn and Rob! I had so much fun hanging out with you guys, I really felt like I was just spending the day with friends! I also LOVED how you incorporated so many of the engagement photos into your wedding day!

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